Sano Magic Bicycle

Sano Magic Bicycle

Denver, Colorado, NAHBS 2013, 23 February 2013 – This is a Sano Magic T3 mahogany bicycle built in Japan by Sueshiro Sano, a ship builder whose family has been building ships for over 100 years. The mahogany used in the bike is laminated to create tubes of wood, with hollow interiors like any steel bike. You can have a Sano Magic bicycle for ¥2,000,000. I’ll let you do the conversion but you could buy a Toyota for that much money. The best part about a Sano Magic is that it will appreciate in value, so your investment will most likely double in a few years. Greg spoke to Sueshiro who told him that it takes three months to build one bicycle. The wait list is very long but you’ll be one of the very few to own this beautiful piece of bicycle art. Sueshiro told Greg he could ride it at the NAHBS show, but Greg was afraid to have to give him our Rav4 if it broke. We needed the car to get home after the show.

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About OneOffTwoWheels

Being on a bicycle is my escape from all the things that make life interesting. My partner Greg and I have a shared interest in staying healthy and enjoying life together and the bicycle makes everything a little more fun.

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