Official Apple Steve Jobs Tribute

San Jose, California, 4 October 2013 – This video has little to do with bicycles but everything to do with vision and the unending perseverance required realize your dreams. Today millions of people grab their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks to do work, have fun, and escape without realizing the work that transpired to make these devices so forgettable. Steve Jobs changed our lives one device at time. He brought us the future and we hold it in our hands every day and bring it with us everywhere we go. Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of his death. When you pick up your communicator today, no matter what company made it, pause for a moment to consider how one man’s dreams fit into the palm of your hand enabling you to share your own thoughts and dreams and fears with the world in an instant.


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About OneOffTwoWheels

Being on a bicycle is my escape from all the things that make life interesting. My partner Greg and I have a shared interest in staying healthy and enjoying life together and the bicycle makes everything a little more fun.

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