Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Where to eat after you’ve won the Tour of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT, 23 November 2013 – I think we all can agree bike riding is good for your appetite and there are times you need a little more wow-factor than a free-ninety-nine PBR and a burger to satisfy that primal need for sustenance after a long day in the saddle.  After all there’s a time for celebrating like the KOM you wish you were, right?  And if you’re looking for someplace to celebrate your latest podium-worthy win, I suggest you try someplace with a little more panache than your usual post-win hangout.  Why not try putting on some Ritz and head over to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in downtown SL,UT.


For the uninitiated Ruth’s Chris is a steakhouse chain that has it’s humble beginnings in NOLA about the same time I was learning to walk.  Yes, that’s a long time ago but it means this place has a history going back to when Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney first started concocting plans to take over the world.  Luckily, more rational heads prevailed as did Ruth’s little steak joint.   Used to be you’d be required to wear a jacket at Ruth’s but times have changed in this respect, as well.  Though, on one visit we noticed a gentleman wearing his best Hanes I wouldn’t suggest following his lead since you’re going to drop a Ben Franklin and a few Alexander Hamilton’s on your meal it might be nice to dress with a bit more aplomb-like on Sunday but not.

You go to Ruth’s Chris for the steaks of course  They’re big, like Texas big, a whole pound of beef flesh in one serving and you can kindly ask your server to split it at the table.  Now if I had to suggest the perfect steak to enjoy when you’re dining at this joint it would be the New York Strip, Strip or club steak (if you’re visiting from the other side of the pond).  The strip is a well-marbled piece of prime beef that comes from the short loin.  Trust me, everyone goes for the tenderloin medallions but there’s a reason they have to wrap that little baby in bacon.  Without the bacon or some other pungent accompaniment this little-used muscle doesn’t have much flavor on its own.

Usually, in most parts of the world that is, you’ll want to enjoy a little libation, and preferably a good red wine with your libra pondo of steak.   Fear not, Ruth’s has an extensive selection of some of the best wines for your dinner if you happen to lean that way.  Granted Sister Holland would divorce me quicker than a New York minute if I even picked up the wine list; but it’s fun to dream anyway.  Since hopefully you’re not planning to order a good ol’ PBR as I so thoughtlessly suggested in my introductions you will find some beautiful bottles of such notable “high end” (don’t you just love that term?!?) wines from Shafer, Hess and Caymus, among others.

Ruth’s Chis isn’t a restaurant many of us would frequent on a regular basis, but if you’re going to celebrate, this is the place.  After the valet takes your vehicle safely off your hands for the evening, and as his assistant holds the door for you welcoming you and your party into Ruth’s realm, the maître d’hôtel will take your coats and ask what you’re celebrating for the evening.  The answer to this simple question will set off a waterfall of surprises to come.  Your table will have been decorated with confetti and a congratulatory card as you and your party are escorted to your assigned table.  You’ll also enjoy learning at the end of the meal that dessert is on Ruth.  Throughout the meal, the staff will stop by asking about the reason for your good fortune as they serve and cater to your every desire.

Ruth’s Chris may not be the trendiest spot in Salt City but when a celebration calls for white tablecloths and a reason to get dressed up, it should be on your short list of places that’ll make you feel special after your big win.


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