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Reaction by Herbert, others to gay marriage ruling is rotten

Ogden, UT, 28 December 2013 – Ogden Standard Examiner contributing writer Gregory A. Clark has written an interesting piece reminding Governor Herbert and the LDS Church their relatively recent support of “traditional marriage” was not always the status quo.   LDS Church presidents beginning with Joseph Smith believed polygamy was ordained of God and according to Brigham Young always practiced by, “the Lord’s servants”.    Perhaps now that marriage equality is the “status quo” in Utah the LDS Church will once again allow such marriages to be sealed.   Instead of spending our tax dollars fighting Judge Shelby’s ruling the Church should spend time figuring out how much tithing 700 newly sealed couples could add to the bank.

Reaction by Herbert, others to gay marriage ruling is rotten.


The Salt Lake Tribune’s Utahn of the Year 2013: Sim Gill

Salt Lake City, UT, 26 December 2013 – The Salt Lake Tribune named Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill their Utahn of the year today following his almost instantaneous announcement that Salt Lake County would honor Judge Shelby’s order immediately invalidating Utah’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. We agree whole-heartedly with his selection.

Of all the public figures and civil right groups who should have been present for this historic change, Sim Gill was the man who was front and center Friday and all day Monday at the Salt Lake County Offices. Other groups who should have been leading this charge at every key moment over the past week were very clearly not doing so. Yet, the man of the hour, the man of the year more appropriately, Sim Gill who is likely documented in the thousands of photographs of this key event was never far from assuring the rights of the people were maintained at all times as the process of democracy progressed through his jurisdiction.

Merry Christmas from Utah


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Merry Christmas from Utah (#18).  May you have a peaceful, love-filled and safe holiday.

Forty Non-Reproductive Weeks


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A same-sex bride dressed in her wedding finery makes last-minute preparations for her nuptials.

Salt Lake City, UT, 24 December 2013 – News agencies are reporting today that 700 same-sex couples were married in Utah since Judge Shelby’s ruling that Amendment 3 the voter-sanctioned change to Utah’s constitution defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman was unconstitutional.  The difficult issue facing the state is that 40-weeks from now no new members of the Latter-Day Saint religion are likely to be born as a result of  these unions.  The State of Utah is spending it’s citizen’s tax money fighting Judge Shelby’s ruling when they should be happy to know they raised over $28,000 in license fees in the past few days.

The officiants who usually charge for their services did so pro bono; and with the frenzy to be married before any stay is enforced few caterers in town will reap any monetary gains from this surge of newly legitimate households.  Had the state quietly accepted the ruling the rush to the alter and the loss of revenue for officiants and caterers could have meant a Merry December for the already-booming Utah wedding industry.   Instead the legal battle rages, same-sex couples fret over a potential stay and the faltering economy gains little benefit.

Crossing the Gap


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Orderly movement of couples through the registration process. Currently couple 39 is entering the Clerk’s office to register for a marriage license. Turns out numbering the applicants was the smart thing to do. Fox News reported the line was filled with enthusiastic but organized couples. The anticipation is growing as we progress to 9 am and Judge Shelby’s hearing.

30 minute Mark


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Two hundred fifty couples are waiting patiently at the doors of Salt Lake County Clerk, Sherrie Swensen’s office to apply for marriage licenses before Utah state attorneys attempt to secure a stay later this morning.

Last Minute Paperwork


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – My line companions have said they were waiting to be together for 5 years before tying the knot. Four days short of that goal they decided it was time to act. Whatever our purpose for being here each of us has our own personal reasons for being here. The most important today is to show we share similar need for companionship and love no matter the subject of our attraction.

Individual Expression


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Preparing for the moment in a personal expression of individuality couple number 60 wait in line with the growing crowd. Couples around us are celebrating 5+ years together appear nervous and anxious. Sometimes finally getting what you’ve wanted for so long comes with bittersweet finality.

In the building


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Lots of extra people in the building it seems this morning. Number 29 in line; there should be 120 people in front of us. Plenty of witnesses lining up. History in progress if all goes as planned.

The Line


Salt Lake City, UT, 23 December 2013 – Anxious couples started lining up at 5:45 pm Sunday night at the Salt Lake County Offices to apply for marriage licenses before any possible stay is enforced by the State.

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