The Salt Lake Tribune’s Utahn of the Year 2013: Sim Gill

Salt Lake City, UT, 26 December 2013 – The Salt Lake Tribune named Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill their Utahn of the year today following his almost instantaneous announcement that Salt Lake County would honor Judge Shelby’s order immediately invalidating Utah’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. We agree whole-heartedly with his selection.

Of all the public figures and civil right groups who should have been present for this historic change, Sim Gill was the man who was front and center Friday and all day Monday at the Salt Lake County Offices. Other groups who should have been leading this charge at every key moment over the past week were very clearly not doing so. Yet, the man of the hour, the man of the year more appropriately, Sim Gill who is likely documented in the thousands of photographs of this key event was never far from assuring the rights of the people were maintained at all times as the process of democracy progressed through his jurisdiction.


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