SRAM CEO Discusses Hydraulic Brake Recall

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SRAM CEO Stan Day (right) talks with mechanics as they swap out recalled road hydraulic brakes at the 2014 US National Cyclocross Championships.

SRAM CEO Discusses Hydraulic Brake Recall

Salt Lake City, UT, 12 January 2013 – SRAM CEO Stan Day discussed the recall of their hydraulic disc brake systems with writer Joe Lindsey in an article published by Bicycling Magazine.   When asked if the recall would hurt hydraulic disc sales in the long run Lindsey stated it would be a short setback, but the superior performance of hydraulic brakes whether disc or rim will prevail.   We agree.  TRP Hy/RD - ©

TRP HY/RD after a winter ride on salted Salt Lake City roads. ©

Brake dust, road salt, and grime coat the brake caliper housing and the edge of the disc but hydraulic discs will stop the bike’s forward momentum.  The design moves dirt from the braking surface quickly giving the pads a clean surface where friction of the pads against the rotor.  In time the pad is worn down similar to the pad on a rim brake.  In contrast though the rotor wears and is replaced rather than a costly rim.  Naysayers abound but ask any of them what type of brakes are fitted on the cars they drive and they’ll tell you almost every vehicle on the road is now designed with disc brakes.

After riding our TRP HY/RD disc brake equipped DeSalvo custom as much as humanly possible in the less than stellar Utah winter we have nothing but praise for them.  The brakes stop on a dime no matter what the roads throw at them.   Admittedly, there’s a momentary chatter as the discs and pads dry but we’ve come to enjoy the sound as it announces we’re riding at the cutting edge of a cycling revolution.


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