The Modern Hotel – Boise


The Modern Hotel in Boise’s Linen District

Boise, ID, 20 January 2014 – You know how you feel when you see those really cool Kohler ads for bathroom fixtures on the back of most home design magazines?  How you imagine it would be so cool to own an awesome sink like that?  Well, dream no more because once you actually use the Kohler-style sink in the guest rooms at the Modern, you’ll never look at those ads the same way again.

We needed a little respite from life in Zion, Sister Holland (the Hubby’s online pseudonym which I’ll have to explain soon) was starting a new job soon so we wanted to make like Sister Bertrille and fly off to a far away place.  Alas, we got as far as Boise, Idaho.  Now you laugh, but if you enjoy the likes of beautiful downtown Provo, Utah, you just might find Boise similarly appealing.

We chose Boise as an escape because in January they had nicer biking weather, comfortable amenities and it wasn’t so far away.  Besides, I’d spend a good four years in Provo and that was an experience not to be soon repeated.

Found The Modern on Yelp and then found it on some travel sites practically giving away rooms, so we quick booked a nice double queen room with a balcony view.


The Modern Design

The place is just like everyone says, an old Travelodge that was renovated with postmodern cleanliness (definition:  No closet space, no fridge, thin walls) in mind.  The rooms are sparsely decorated with padded headboard walls and hanging pendant lights.  The TV is digital and hangs on the wall over a Plexiglas writing/computer surface with three empty shelves and a storage closet big enough for two coats and a shirt.


60’s Kitsch

I know this description sounds a bit negative, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary in a hotel, stay at the Modern.   If you need more stay somewhere else.  We want to stay here again so the fewer people that actually book rooms the better for us.  There wasn’t much use for the extra bed either except for a place to throw our biking gear, but well, I won’t kiss and tell.


The Modern Hotel Boise

Now the shower, as has been highlighted in a dozen online reviews, has this interesting rain shower head–completely cool but not good for washing sweaty body parts after a long bike ride.  But certainly it’s good for “other things.”

I want to tell you about the bar before we get back to the sink.  The bar is intimate and swanky and the bartenders who are working in a state where they can actually use their own judgment to mix a drink will knock your socks off.   Have a “Layover.”  Really, have just one because the Mr. and I had two each and barely made it up the stairs back to our room afterward.  Damn what a tasty concoction of Bourbon, peated caramel syrup in a smoked salt edged glass.


The Modern Hotel Bar

OK so you walk into this minimalist hotel room and take in the creative renovation, wander into the bathroom and marvel at the nicely done shower, turn and there you see 4 square feet of flat wide open porcelain sink–more a tablet than sink.  The drain sits directly under the faucet (the fault with the sink).  This looks all well and beautiful until you have to use it.   When its time for bed, brush your teeth and spit deftly into the sink…  wait, go have another Layover because the way the sink doesn’t drain shouldn’t be viewed with sober eyes.

The Modern is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for something different and out of the ordinary, close to town and far away from family, then the Modern is for you.   And if you need a wad of amenities, there are plenty of much more suitable choices in town.  Whether you stay here or not stop in to the Modern Bar; its one of the hippest joints in Boise–yea, its that good.


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