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Smog settles in the Great Salt Lake Valley 2014

20 January 2014 – This has not been a good year for air quality in Utah.  We’ve had too few storms to wash way the particulates leaving the air filled with yellow haze.   Most of this week the EPA says the particulate levels have been unhealthy for sensitive people.  If you stay in the valley floor and bike on days like this your throat begins to burn and you quickly feel like you’ve got a cold.  I’ve gone out to ride on days like this out of desperation after feeling like a caged animal only to suffer for hours afterward.


Inversion, the soft term for smog, obscures the sun most winter days.

Yesterday a rally was held at the state capitol to raise awareness of our air quality.   Nothing will be done, I fear, until the quality of the air begins to affect revenue from tourism.  I’ve had friends who are avid winter sports addicts tell me they’re thinking of leaving the state if this keeps up for much longer.  One has to wonder why the legislature thinks its more important to fight same-sex marriage than to spend the funds on improving our quality of life and consequently the tax base in Utah.

From EPA's AirNow website.

From EPA’s AirNow website.

If you’re thinking of visiting Utah in the wintertime remember the liquor stores are closed on Sundays and the air will most likely take years off your life while you’re here.

Oh, the good news is we did get to file joint taxes for 2013; progress comes slowly to the Wasatch Front.



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