Vintage Nishiki

Photo ©2014

Late 1980’s Nishiki Mountain Bike

Salt Lake City, UT, 26 January 2014 – I saw this vintage 1980’s Nishiki Manitoba Mountain Project bicycle parked out side of Smash Burger in Sugar House over the weekend.   I’m sure those of us old enough to remember the 80’s will be reminded of the fluorescent blues, pinks, and greens that were popular on everything from clothes and accessories to bicycles like this one.  I had an entire ski outfit that I paid for with my college loan money for BYU that would have matched this bike perfectly.   Its strange to think that today college loans don’t cover much of the costs of college when back then I had enough money to pay my tuition, book fees, housing and still have enough to buy a complete ski outfit.

Like cycling I dove into skiing with gusto.   A good friend who was on the BYU ski team took me up to Sundance during a blizzard and I learned to ski the old fashioned way; what goes up must come down.  I skied for years after college until one day I hit a mogul off center and heard and felt a nasty snap in my knee.  I don’t think I tore anything completely but it put a damper on the wild back country runs we would take and my skiing life ended soon afterward.

Made from high tensile butted Cro-Moly steel tubing for a compliant ride, this bike needs a good cleaning and some lube on the chain and it will go for another few decades.   Hopefully its had a good life thus far.  And maybe with a little TLC it can have a great life for many years’ to come.   Here’s to giving ourselves a little TLC to smooth over life’s little bumps, but maybe with a front shock absorbing fork to make the bumps a little easier to handle.


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Being on a bicycle is my escape from all the things that make life interesting. My partner Greg and I have a shared interest in staying healthy and enjoying life together and the bicycle makes everything a little more fun.

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