Where’s the Bicycle? – Berwick Street 2006

Outside the Subway Restaurant on Berwick Street, Soho, UK, 2006 ©2014 Oneofftwowheels.com

Outside the Subway on Berwick Street, Soho, UK, 2006.
©2014 Oneofftwowheels.com

Soho, U.K., 29 January 2006 – A bicycle sits parked against the light pole deep in the shadows of this image of of life on Soho’s Berwick Street.   After reviewing the images I took in London in 2006 I found two with bicycles in them.  Granted I was not specifically looking for cyclists but I would imagine if I were to go today most of the images would have a cyclist in them.  I read an article in New Scientist that says ridership increased 61% from 2005-2009 in the U.K.  As cycling becomes more popular so do altercations with drivers who are, as many of us, pressed for time and in too much of a hurry to get to their destination to have sufficient respect for a bicyclist.


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Being on a bicycle is my escape from all the things that make life interesting. My partner Greg and I have a shared interest in staying healthy and enjoying life together and the bicycle makes everything a little more fun.

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