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The Satisfaction of a Job Well-done ©2014

The satisfaction of a job well-done

8 March 2014, Salt Lake City, UT – Every project should start with a plan if you expect something of value when the endpoint arrives.  Unlike cooking dessert a website does not have an endpoint unless the author stops writing.  Each article is merely one more meal for readers to devour while patiently awaiting the next course.

We made these blitzes from scratch for Greg’s birthday last year first making the crepes, then the filling, and finally frying the packets of blueberry and cheese-filled pillows in rich butter. The process is not unlike writing. You take raw words like flour, milk, and eggs to make a batter that has to be caressed in a properly prepared vessel where the ingredients, like sentences, morph into a cohesive palatable product; this step usually takes a good quantity of butter both when writing and cooking to reach a satisfactory end-point.

Step One - Crepes ©2014

Step One – Crepes

I find making blitzes to be a painful endeavor because there are so many steps to the process.  And getting started is always difficult because I tend to look at the many steps involved as roadblocks to the endpoint.   But once I’ve taken a moment to realize that the three most important people in my life–my partner and our two kids–will adore me for about an hour after we’re done, the process seems less daunting.

Frying Pillows of Love ©2014

Frying Pillows of Love

Similarly, writing OneOffTwoWheels has gotten easier as this year has progressed because I’ve learned to face each post with a passion for delivering a satisfying read.  As many other bloggers can attest there’s usually so many topics one wants to cover its difficult to focus and finish one post that will have meaning.   I have written many posts that because of the timeliness of the topic, like lumpy crepe batter, never were completed because they did not meet my expectation of perfection in pressing words together.  In order to add a more interesting perspective, my goal for the next year is to get Greg to write some pieces for OneOffTwoWheels.  His viewpoint about life would be a positive addition to the site.

We started OneOffTwoWheels because we wanted to make a connection between being same-sex oriented and bicycling sport-loving humans; a connection I rarely see in mainstream bicycle websites unless the focus is on the innuendo built into wearing lycra shorts that expose one’s anatomy for all to see.   It would be easy to pepper this blog with photos and comments about how men in spandex fill out their Assos S7 Kuku Penthouse bike shorts, but we wanted to have a bit more class in our approach to bicycling.   Basically, I’d rather be cooking at the French Laundry than some fast food joint.   And hopefully our writing expresses some level of New York Times-style Op Ed.  And after years of not using my degree in broadcast communications I can finally tell my kids college does have value.

The Final Draft ©2014

The Final Draft

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our work thus far.   Next week we’ll be in Charlotte at NAHBS, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, as assistants to the show directors so we’ll try to give you a behind the scene look at how this show comes together.   The people who run NAHBS are dedicated to giving people a glimpse of some of the best custom bicycles your hard earned money can buy.  The work that goes into the final product is really incredible.

As a happy birthday gift to all and a thank you for reading, here’s a photo of the mismatched helmets worn by the Polish National Bicycle Team.

Polish Bicycling Team - Their helmets don't match. Image From the Internet

Polish Bicycling Team – Their helmets don’t match.
Image From the Internet


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Being on a bicycle is my escape from all the things that make life interesting. My partner Greg and I have a shared interest in staying healthy and enjoying life together and the bicycle makes everything a little more fun.

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