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Rockwell Relay


24 April 2014, Salt Lake City, UT – Yet another Notified Body audit at work ends relatively successfully for the company that gives me money for things I do for them so I can buy bicycle gear.   I have been remiss in my posting lately because we have been tearing out our old kitchen to redo the floors of our home, traveling to Boston for spring break, and catching some head cold or virus that knocked me down.   I rode today for the first time since Sunday.   This year has been one of the worst for miles ridden since I started riding a road bike four years ago.

The latest exercise theories say a rider should train hard and rest harder.  I’m hoping this is what’s happening to me lately since today Greg and I signed up with a team to do the Rockwell Relay, a 527 mile relay race from Moab to St. George, Utah, in June.  Aside from training for the MS 150 rides which I’ve done for three year’s straight, this will be the longest ride of my relatively short cycling career.   The ride is broken into twelve approximately 50-mile segments with each 4-man team riding three legs.  Each leg has its challenges.

Although I have not been on the bike much lately I noticed today on my short ride that muscle memory is set and I was riding at a good clip for most of the evening.   I’ll keep you posted on my training progress.


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