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Utah gay marriage ban overturned; state plans appeal

Utah gay marriage ban overturned; state plans appeal.

Salt Lake City, UT, 26 June 2014 – Six months after Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling, and the decision by salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill to allow Utah County Clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a three-judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Shelby’s ruling nullifying the state’s ban on such unions. Sadly, the state of Utah has decided to take their appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final decision.  One must ask whether Utah Governor Gary Herbert believes he can win this appeal or is simply pushing forward as a means of becoming the man who fought for (and hopefully lost) the right of states to define what “marriage” means and continuing to deny its citizens equality.  Certainly, Herbert stands to improve his political stature with the GOP by standing up for what even conservative Senator Orin Hatch has said is a losing battle.


Rockwell Relay Check-In

Moab, Ut, 13 June 2014 – checking in the the Rockwell Relay. First to check in. Better early than with the crowds.


Rockwell Relay Bound

Green River, UT, 12 June 2014 – on the road to the Rockwell Relay from Moab to St. George, Utah. Everyone in the car is pondering their assigned legs; each about 50 miles in three legs for four riders on 535 miles of southern Utah roads.




David is Specialized – Fixie Pride


8 June 2014, Salt Lake City, UT – This is our good friend David and his Specialized single speed (fixie) enjoying the Utah Pride 2014 parade.  We love the smooth shave on those legs and the rainbow bright shoes, David.




Fixie Porn at Utah Pride

Salt Lake City, UT, 8 June 2014 – Everybody loves a little porn at pride.


Happenstance on a Bike Share Bike


Salt Lake City, UT, 7 June 2014 – While walking back to my car after having left the Utah Pride Festival tonight I passed a gaggle of girls who were out for a little post-festival fun by renting GREENBikes from the Salt Lake City Bike Share program.  Granted it was 10 p.m. so I assumed they were a bit tipsy after perhaps enjoying the libations being served at the festival.

Who would ever think you could purchase alcohol at a festival in Utah of all places?  Believe it or not this desert city is not dry after all.  Utah knows how to paaarty.

As the girls started to ride past me I quickly whipped out my phone and took a few shots wishing I could take a better group shot to post here.


Luck was on my side when they stopped near the next corner to take an obligatory selfie.  So as I walked up I asked if they wanted me to take the picture for them.   They were thrilled and so was I.


In fifteen short minutes I learned they were all in high school and would be seniors in the fall.  I learned a little about each one and how we share some very personal connections.   As Disney says, “It’s a small world  after all.”  And during our short conversation on this night when Utah celebrates its alternative side I was reminded how much we are connected as a community and how close we are as a collective family.


Ride safe Girls.

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