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How to Make the Perfect Espresso

Salt Lake City, 30 September 2013 – Watching this video elicits a twinge of guilt for selling my La Marzocco Linea. I bought the machine used from a defunct bike shop in Moab, Utah. I spent over a year tearing down it down to the frame, descaling, cleaning, and polishing every bit. I replaced anything that was worn including gaskets and springs with new replacement parts directly from La Marzocco. The first time the Linea filled with water and started running I was elated. I had added an electronic temperature control in a control box with automatic exhaust fans to bring it up to 21st Century standards.

The Linea was fun for a while but trying to grind beans for espresso early in the morning didn’t work well. The noise from the grinder could wake Sleeping Beauty. So, with a heavy heart I posted the machine online for sale. People have no concept of the amount of work one puts into something they love. Every offer was over a thousand dollars below even what the machine and parts cost to rebuild it. So, I took the Linea off the market. One afternoon a neighbor came by with a “friend” who was into coffee. He offered me a fair price and it went home with him.

The money, of course, is financing my DeSalvo Custom Disc Road Bike Project. I no longer have to worry about waking the world with my hobby. I can ride peacefully or as wildly as I want when I want without disturbing the family. I now brew coffee with an electronic coffee machine which works fine.

Mike DeSalvo wrote today saying he’s started cutting titanium pipe; the build has begun. All the planning and decision making are coming to a rapid end. I am flying higher emotionally than if I’d had 5 shots from the Linea; life is good.

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