About Us

We, Greg and Steve, met in Provo, UT at a training camp for AmeriCorps Vista in 2003.  Greg was born in Haiti near Port au Prince and Steve was born in Queens, NY.   Since the day in April when we met we’ve been soul sisters.   And for ten years our lives have grown together moving to Utah, buying a house, raising kids and learning to accept each other’s idiosyncrasies. Well, at least Greg has idiosyncrasies.

In 2005 we moved from California after having completed our Vista volunteer work to Salt Lake City, UT, so that we could be close to  my kids.   We bought a house in Salt Lake City’s Sugar House neighborhood.  Soon after, my ex-wife bought one exactly 5 houses from us.  We’ve been neighbors for almost 7 years.   This may seem strange to some people, but in retrospect its important for the kids to be close to all of us.

We knew the living arrangement was working when our daughter’s teacher met Greg and I commenting that now she understood why Maddie was so well adjusted.   Some things work despite the noise from naysayers.

Four years ago Greg decided to ride the MS 100, a one hundred mile trek through Northern Utah to support research to end Multiple Sclerosis.   In the shed hang two very heavy mountain bikes that we rarely rode.   Greg insisted that he needed a road bike to do 150 miles in a two-day ride.  I conceded and let Greg get a road bike and he was soon hooked on cycling.  A year later, after harping on me to get a bike as well, I gave in.  I’ve not stopped riding since.  In 2012, I put 5,000 miles and 300,000 climbing feet on his Cannondale CAAD9.

We decided to start OneoffTwoWheels to blog about our lives and our attempt to stay healthy riding bikes.  Some of the many reasons we chose cycling is that for one it brought us closer together.  The sport is accessible to almost everyone; I know this because I volunteered to help support the University of Utah Special Olympics Bike team.   Believe me, almost anyone can ride some form of manually powered cycle.   And lastly, there is enough technology involved in the design and artistry of the bicycle that it can appeal to the tinkerers, garage shop and professional engineers, and those who think a screwdriver is a drink with OJ and vodka.

We hope you enjoy OneOffTwoWheels and visit often.  As time, and mostly inspiration hit, we’ll try to make this an interesting place to visit.   Hopefully OneOffTwoWheels will be a place for others to understand that every relationship enriches lives and that living in an alternate relationship isn’t so different from what you think a traditional relationship should be.


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